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Come Alive:

Pepsi Max, which struck viral gold last year by using Nascar star Jeff Gordon to allegedly prank an unsuspecting car salesman, is at it again, this time in Great Britain. The brand recently rigged up a popular bus shelter in London with a screen. Most of the time, the screen looked like a clear glass, but then the brand would use CGI to create realistic-looking images of monsters, UFOs, tigers and robots. Of course, unsuspecting commuters were freaked out and then soon realized it was a prank. Are their reactions real? Gordon and Pepsi Max got its revenge last month on the writer of that piece, Travis Okulski, who was taken for a ride in a cab and is "kidnapped" by a disguised Gordon. Okulski insists that that video is real.

5/13/ · And Pepsi was “goin’ strong” — thanks to “Pepsi Generation,” the drink was now reaching a new market of cash-empowered youth. It was that “helps ’em come alive” thrust of the. 9/21/ · “Come Alive! You're in the Pepsi Generation” adalah slogan legendaris milik yang diluncurkan oleh Kendall pada awal an lalu. Terlepas dalam kepiawaian bisnisnya secara murni, Kendall juga berhasil membawa ke kancah perpolitikan AS. Tak hanya di dalam negeri, melainkan juga ke luar negeri. 4/3/ · Come Alive with Pepsi Logo History Get ready for the taste of light refreshment and vintage chills from the Pepsi logo evolution! by Milena Abrosimova. April 3, in Design. 2. Pepsi Logo Art by Mohamedamine Belcaid. k. VIEWS. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter.

Come Alive With Pepsi:

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Компания Pepsi дословно перевела на китайский язык свой главный рекламный девиз "Живи с Поколением "Пепси" (Come Alive With the Pepsi. Apr 13, - The Pepsi logo evolution had made a long way from dubious lettering to a sharp three-colored logotype — all to encapsulate the. – «Come Alive, You're in the Pepsi Generation»; – «(Taste that beats the others cold) Pepsi Pours It On». – «You.

Come Alive! Pepsi Generation – Vintage 1960s Radio Commercial:

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